Our Process


Dargan Construction Company takes technology seriously. As a company that has had to change with the times, we have learned that in order to be a leader we must stay ahead with cutting edge technology. From pre-construction estimating through construction, technology helps Dargan efficiently complete projects. Dargan uses Sage accounting software to monitor costs and manage projects. Sage Estimating, in conjunction with E-takeoff software ensures our estimating department monitors pricing and subcontractor selection. Projects are managed by Procore project management software with Sage integration to insure consistent “real-time” access by all team members.

Our projects stay on schedule with the help of Phoenix CPM scheduling software that aids us in our look ahead schedules to foresee issues that might adversely impact the project. In the field our superintendents have the latest devices to access project documents and communicate with all members of the project team.


Dargan Construction Company subscribes to the premise that “PRODUCTION AND QUALITY IMPROVE ON A SAFE JOB.”  We are proactive about OSHA requirements and stand on the notion that work environments are always changing and must be maintained where the workers safety is not compromised.  Dargan has a written Safety Program and is very active in its implementation as well as employee training under the direction of the Safety Director.


During the pre-construction phase Dargan Construction utilizes proven management techniques in evaluating constructability, value engineering and cost engineering. Those same techniques are utilized during the construction phase for cost control, scheduling, quality and safety.  Dargan Construction’s estimating staff is experienced in working closely with the owner and design team in evaluating design, constructability, schedule considerations and value engineering options.  Technical assistance will be provided during the design phase in an effort to arrive at a design, price and schedule that suits all parties in the most cost-effective manner.  Pre-construction include:

  • Value Engineering
  • Review of Costs vs. Benefits of Materials and Techniques
  • Scheduling
  • MEP Review and Evaluation
  • Constructibility Review
  • Cost Controls
  • Quality Control
  • Subcontractor/Supplier Prequalification
  • Bid Packaging

Construction Phase

All prudent contractors want to say they are quality builders at a competitive price, always delivering on time, etc. What differentiates our firm is our relationship-based approach to construction. We safely build fine structures and a loyal client base through our actions, not just our words.  As the detailed schedule is finalized, the project team will assist subcontractors in monitoring manpower allocation to ensure the allocation supports the overall project schedule. Our policy is to have a progress meeting every two weeks at the project site.   The overall schedule is reviewed, and special emphasis is placed upon a four to six-week look-ahead schedule for each discipline.  One purpose of the biweekly meetings is to ensure all parties understand the project schedule and a continuous flow of communication is maintained between Dargan Construction Company, the Owner, Architect, Engineers, material suppliers, and subcontractors to ensure that the required completion date is met. The project schedule is everyone’s schedule, not just Dargan Construction Company’s schedule.  This monitoring process continues through the entire project until substantial completion is obtained. Dargan Construction’s daily and weekly inspections identify work sequences or series of work sequences that fail to progress as planned.

Dargan Construction Company’s project manager is responsible for ensuring that all post construction warranty items are documented and tracked. Dargan construction believes that proper quality construction procedures and “inspecting what you expect” from beginning to end will minimize post construction issues, but when they do arise, they are dealt with promptly.

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